Monday, July 1, 2013

Puzzle Mania

I have always loved puzzles. My students have always loved puzzles. I was super excited to see Krista of The Creative Chalkboard post these super cute puzzle pieces. You know the best part?? They were FREE!

 So I decided to make some puzzles for my workstations. I think the kids will really enjoy them and I created several different ones so they can be changed out through the year. This packet includes 4 piece puzzles for the following topics: beginning sounds, ending sounds, numbers to 10, rhyming, beginning blends, digraphs, ending digraphs, short vowels, and long vowels. It 46 pages with a total of 92 puzzles!! All you have to do is print (I prefer card stock), laminate and cut out!

As always with our new products, it is 1/2 off today! 

1 comment:

Mrs. C said...

I already have those and I am excited to use them this year!