Monday, July 22, 2013

Guest Post by Funky First Grade Fun

Hello!  My name is Kimberly.  I'm so happy to be here to guest blog for Stevi and Tamara! Let me start by saying that every kindergarten teacher needs a raise!  Don't ya wish they would let me be in charge of all that?  So, cheers to Stevi and Tamara and all the other kindergarten teachers out there!

I currently teach first grade in Michigan and you can visit me at...

I just returned from a 19 day camping trip with my family.  Relaxing is not easy for most teachers and it's been a personal goal for me this year.  That didn't really go so well during the school year, but it sure works when I'm in the woods, enjoying the beach, swimming in the lake, napping in the sun, enjoying long walks and bike riding along the lakeshore.  Folks, I read 8 books on our trip (without telling anyone to go get a tissue and wash their hands)!  Plus, we LoVe Lake Michigan!

Now, that I'm finally home, it's time to get organized.  
In Michigan, we don't start school until the day after Labor Day.  
Once upon a time, 
one of the governors passed a law saying we had to start school after Labor Day 
to increase travel and tourism over Labor Day weekend.  
Perhaps, he meant that I should return to the lake?  
Probably not, but doesn't it sound nice?

As soon as I finish unpacking, I need to pick a day to go into my classroom to organize a few things. In the spirit of relaxing, I'll try to go when no one else is there.  I'll wear my hair in my messy summer bun and sing really loud while I work.  That sounds relaxing...

While I was sitting on the beach, I decided that I need to reorganize the area behind my desk first.  In the past, I had bins for things that need to be copied, filed, sent home, etc.  I just made new labels for those bins.  Having bins for each of those things helps me keep my desk cleaned off (a little). I'm also going to make bins for each day of the week this year.  I used file folders for each day of the week last year and they seemed to be overloaded on a regular basis, so I'll use a bin to keep the things I need for each day this year.

If you'd like a copy of the labels that I made, you can click on the image below.  The link will take you to my blog where you can download the labels.  I have lots of other freebies available there as well. 

I'd like to thank Stevi and Tamara for inviting me to be a guest.  Happy summer, everyone!

Now, this tired girl needs to get some sleep.  Sleeping in my own bed after 19 days is going to be dreamy. I hope you'll stop by to visit me soon!  


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2 Crazy Texas Teachers said...

Love, love this post! Thanks so much!!
Tamara & Stevi