Saturday, July 13, 2013

Literacy & Calendar Journals

The day has finally arrived! We are super happy! I mean really, really happy!

We started our Literacy and Calendar Journals last January.We completed them one by one and have been working on the fall months this summer. We love these so much and saw how much they helped our kids last year. We wanted these fall months to be perfect.

We have finished September, October, November and December. We have also bundled them together. Our only problem is they are large files so they wouldn't fit in one bundle---or 2 bundles! So, we have combined them into 3 bundles. (You can still get each month individually.) You save $1 per month if you buy the bundles.

Fall bundle includes September, October, November and December.

Winter bundle includes January, February and March.

Spring bundle includes April, May and June.

We hope your kids enjoy these packets as much as ours do! We saw how much it helped to have those small amounts of daily review!

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