Sunday, July 27, 2014

Student Monthly Picture Dictionary

We are super excited about our latest product. Over the years I have used various types of picture dictionaries in my class. The students LOVE to use them. The dictionaries are a perfect compromise between giving the students a writing prompt and letting them pick their own topic. I do not plan on using this every day, but it will be kept in their desk and used several times a week.

Included in this packet is a page for each month of the year with words associated with that month. The months of December and March have 2 pages you can choose from. For December, we included a page with holidays. The other page does not include holidays. For our fellow Texas teachers, March has an additional page including Texas clip art.

 We also included blank pages for those teachers that want to give their students the opportunity to add their own words. You can copy these independently and create a book or use them as needed individually. If you have a lot of kids that say "How do you spell...." then these pages are for you. You can even copy them on the back side of the picture pages so the students can have both, pictures/words, and the ability to add their own.
 The color picture at the top will take you straight to our TpT store. Snatch this up before the end of the month to save 20%. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Is July really almost gone??

I am always sad to see the end of July. Once we get to August there is no denying that school is about to start. I love summer, but definitely don't like how fast it goes.
So, for the next couple of days (and just possibly for the rest of the month) our story will be on sale. Now is the time to snatch up all those things on your wish list and get to printing! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Well we didn't intend to post so little this summer..... it just happened.  Currently we've been quite busy creating new fun classroom stuff, vacationing, and most importantly: watching the Bachlorette ( well me- I can't get Tamara to watch it with me) I know!  I don't even understand it.  Feel free to comment here to her telling her how a piece of her life is missing by not watching.  I hate DRAMA~ unless it is reality TV and THEN; I just can't get enough.   My head is spinning... and just from excitement peeps.  I had a party every Monday this summer.  Not really.  But should on the final rose on Monday- it's not like I have to get up the next morning for school.  However I will just say that the guys tell all was a tad bit... boring. Just sayin'.  All I really pay attention to is if Chris Harrison has chemistry with the ladies during this part of every season anyway.  It's the best work I have done all summer.
It's Friday.  Did you know that?  I had to look at the calendar to figure it out.  2 more days until the Final Rose!  In honor of the final Rose here is a Final Rose Freebie for our fellow teachers.  So grab some old school scrabble letters and get to word building- its fun!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Try It Tuesday #4

Try It Tuesday #4 comes from our Kindergarten Settings packet. We created this 2 sided document to help teach the reading components of setting, characters, prediction and order of events. Included in this freebie are Pete the Cat and The Kissing Hand. Clicking on the picture above will allow you to download this freebie.

This full packet includes 36 of our favorite Kindergarten books along with 1 blank so you can customize to any books we missed. The picture above takes you to our TpT store.

Enjoy the freebie!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Try It Tuesday #3

Try It Tuesday freebie #3 comes from our Count and Color packet. This freebie includes a winter page, pete the cat page and valentines page. Student will roll the dice and color the portion of the picture that matches that number. Click on the above pic for the free download.

The full packet from TpT includes 18 seasonal pages and the color sheets. This packet will get you through the entire year. We love workstations that can change throughout the year without being explained again. The kids love this one! The cover pic above will take you to our TpT store.

Enjoy the freebie.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Try It Tuesday #2

This next Try It Tuesday freebie comes from our top seller in our TpT store. It is from Word Family Booklets. The freebie is the pages to create a 1/2 page book for one word family. This books cuts down on the paper we use and keeps all word family activities together. The activities included are glue the word chunk, find it word search, spell the word, match pic to word, sort the pictures. Our kids loved these last year! The picture above will take you to the free download.

Now if you decide you can't live without it (and let me tell you-we can't live without these books!!) Then the cover picture will take you to our TpT store where you can buy the entire packet which includes the 18 word families listed above.

Enjoy the freebie!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vista Print is da bomb!

Our top blog post EVER was about stamps we made/bought through Vista Print. If you missed that post, stop and read it here first Stamp Crazy

Since that post Vista Print has offered the Groupon two more times. Honestly, we usually buy 2 each time they are offered. These stamps are one of our most favorite things in our class. The kids LOVE them too and work hard for them. Below are some of our new stamps we created. If you need help creating stamps, please email us and we will lead you through the process.

We use the 5 color discipline system. Students start out on purple and can move down as behavior changes. Every day we mark the behavior color in their folder so the parents understand what kind of day their child had. Tamara would draw a star in the behavior color. Stevi would use a random stamp on a stamp pad matching the behavior color. We created these stamps which have made stamping folders SO MUCH EASIER. Ink color and words match the behavior each day. It really is the little things that make life easier!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PreK Summer Homework

Our school added PreK this year. Our PreK students have always gone to a different campus. It was great having this on our campus. We were able to have discussions with the teacher about what skills they should have prior to entering Kindergarten. 

We offered to create a summer homework packet to send home with her kids so they could keep their brains chugging away this summer. It is a mixture of literacy and math concepts. It's probably a little late for you, or your PreK teachers, to utilize this summer, but we wanted to share while it was fresh on our minds. Below is a sample of the different concepts offered. 

Any of the links will take you to our TpT store.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Try It Tuesday #1

Summer is one of the best times as a teacher to get some great freebies. We were so MIA last school year that we wanted to share some of our favorites with you this summer. We are going to try to upload a freebie sample of some of our most favorite products. This will give you a sneak peek and see if it is something you could use in your classroom.

The first freebie comes from our Science Sorts Unit 1 packet. This freebie sort includes Science Tools or not color pictures, blackline pictures for journals (in 2 different sizes) and a reader to go along with the topic. The picture above will allow you to download this sample of our Unit 1.

Now, if this is something you love then the links below will take you to our TpT store where you can buy the entire packets. Each packet includes the topics shown below. Color and blackline sorts along with a reader for each topic.

Hopefully we can get out stuff together and get more sorts out before the craziness of the school year starts. Enjoy the freebie!