Saturday, July 26, 2014


Well we didn't intend to post so little this summer..... it just happened.  Currently we've been quite busy creating new fun classroom stuff, vacationing, and most importantly: watching the Bachlorette ( well me- I can't get Tamara to watch it with me) I know!  I don't even understand it.  Feel free to comment here to her telling her how a piece of her life is missing by not watching.  I hate DRAMA~ unless it is reality TV and THEN; I just can't get enough.   My head is spinning... and just from excitement peeps.  I had a party every Monday this summer.  Not really.  But should on the final rose on Monday- it's not like I have to get up the next morning for school.  However I will just say that the guys tell all was a tad bit... boring. Just sayin'.  All I really pay attention to is if Chris Harrison has chemistry with the ladies during this part of every season anyway.  It's the best work I have done all summer.
It's Friday.  Did you know that?  I had to look at the calendar to figure it out.  2 more days until the Final Rose!  In honor of the final Rose here is a Final Rose Freebie for our fellow teachers.  So grab some old school scrabble letters and get to word building- its fun!

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