Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vista Print is da bomb!

Our top blog post EVER was about stamps we made/bought through Vista Print. If you missed that post, stop and read it here first Stamp Crazy

Since that post Vista Print has offered the Groupon two more times. Honestly, we usually buy 2 each time they are offered. These stamps are one of our most favorite things in our class. The kids LOVE them too and work hard for them. Below are some of our new stamps we created. If you need help creating stamps, please email us and we will lead you through the process.

We use the 5 color discipline system. Students start out on purple and can move down as behavior changes. Every day we mark the behavior color in their folder so the parents understand what kind of day their child had. Tamara would draw a star in the behavior color. Stevi would use a random stamp on a stamp pad matching the behavior color. We created these stamps which have made stamping folders SO MUCH EASIER. Ink color and words match the behavior each day. It really is the little things that make life easier!

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