Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Break Activity

Spring Break is right around the corner~~~~~ can't you hear it calling your name?  I can.
                                                                    This is me today:

me during spring break:

                                                                            me arriving back after spring break:

      BUT then after I am back and no longer in denial that it's over, here I am:                                                    

Spring Break is a beautiful thing.  And this a wonderful activity that your students will LOVE to do over spring break.  Since they LOVE Pete the Cat so much they love taking "Flat Cat" (same concept as Flat Stanley) with them on their fun filled spring break activities.  The best part is it keeps the little brain moving with all the great writing each day of where Flat Cat got to go.  The students arrive back the Monday after Spring Break so excited to tell you about where they took Flat Cat.  Check it out here.  It's one of my top 3 favorite activities the kids do each year.  Check out the great comments on TPT by other teachers that have use it and loved it!
7 more school days until our Spring Break!!

                                                                          Flat Cat

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Million Teachers Strong Sale

We are so appreciative of all the support you give us even though we have been MIA most of the year. Life is just so crazy for us both that blogging has taken a back seat to family and grad school. We have lots of ideas and a list of things to make when we get a break. It may be summer but we definitely are not gone for good. Please enjoy this promo code for anything you might have sitting in your wish list!