Thursday, September 13, 2012

Student Offices

I realized in May the time had come to toss out my old Student Offices and create something new. My previous set had served me well, but man, where they trashed and ugly! I spent all summer trying to make it just right. One week during a l-o-n-g training I had an epiphany on what was missing. I am CrAzY excited about this. The parts that make it exciting are because of a couple of awesome bloggers! Some of my favorite summer finds I had to re-create in a smaller version so they would fit. First is Writer's Eye by Live, Love, Laugh. I love this and it will look super cute in my classroom. Click the link below to go straight to her post.
The next is Illustration Rubric Template from Falling into First. I am CrAzY in love with this too! Illustrations are always a constant conversation in my class.  I think this template is awesome! Click the link below to go straight to her TpT store. Oh, did I mention that both these products are free? Who doesn't love Free??

I created this using 2 file folders taped/glued together to make 3 sided folder. Glue 3 pages above on the inside and laminate. I chose not to create a cover because it is all about what the students see when it is open. Students see all they need with the office put up around their paper while they work. So, included in the FREE packet from us in an alphabet chart (actually it is 4-depending on your preference), math chart (includes numbers, ten frames, 2D and 3D frames, and colors), and the CrAzY awesome stuff I described above! So click on the link above and enjoy this freebie!

Kindergarten -

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Apples Apples Apples

Say, Say oh playmate
                                Come out and play with me
                                      and bring your dollies 3
                                              climb up my APPLE tree

ahhh the joys of childhood... what CrAzY fun times!  We teach our Apples unit right around the corner and  it is one of our favorite units to teach.  Most of the kids have never tasted a yellow apple, or even knew there were yellow apples out there ---- CrAzY!!  So many fun things to do with them.  Homemade crockpot applesauce, Johnny Appleseed, Apple Juice vs Apple Cider..... what are some fun things you do in your classroom for Apples?!!!  Check out our fun apple unit below.