Monday, October 26, 2015

Best Sharpener Out There!

Have you heard of Classroom Friendly Supplies? If not, where on earth have you been the past few years??? (lol just kidding) They are responsible for making possibly the best pencil sharpener out there! It is quiet, quick and sharpens the best of anything I've ever seen. This post is to celebrate a great sharpener and to kick off the sales of their newest color....purple!! I LOVE purple!

So, here is how it works. It comes with clamp so it can be attached to any surface. I love how I can move it wherever it is needed in the room. Slide the top piece out, place pencil inside and turn the lever just a couple of times and BAM the pencil is super sharp. I truly have never had a sharpener that sharpened a pencil this well.

Look how sharp these pencils are! So awesome!

A great thing about this company is the $1 from EACH sharpener goes to building schools in developing countries. It is a WIN-WIN. You get the best sharpener out there and contribute to helping build schools in other countries. The price lowers based on quantity purchased, so go in with your friends to save on each sharpener. Click on the top pic in the post to go straight to their post.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Word Family Flip Book

......yes...... we are still alive...AND creating! We hit 2 Crazy Texas Teachers head on and created until 2 in the morning SO many nights until everything we needed to teach our children; correctly, diversely, and FUN was created! Then we sat back and taught.  Tweeked. Taught some more. And here we are with new fun ideas of what we need in our classroom.  Here is one-  a student made, word family, flip book.  The file has picture support and non picture support as well.  You are going to love these books.  I can't wait to have these for an addition for my student book boxes this year.   Included is a flip book for each of these 18 word families:
at, an, ad, ap, ag
ed, et, en, ell
ip, ig, ill
op, ot, og
ug, ut, un
click on the picture below to get yours