Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for our Followers Giveaway!!

 This Thanksgiving we are Thankful for YOU!!  We are giving away 4 AMAZING giveaways:

1.  Steps to Literacy Desktop Word Walls (class set of 30)
Upper Emergent Grades1-2  These have been so wonderful in the classroom.  The children have all the information and concepts they need right on their desk.  They work great on tables and individual desks- we have used them on both.  Win a class set of 30!!! You will wonder how you ever taught without them!  Make sure you visit Steps to Literacy's website and check out the fantastic products they have.

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2. Steps to Literacy Desktop Word Walls (class set of 30)
Fluent Grades 2-3 Incredible reference up close for 2nd and 3rd graders.  My 3rd grader loves using it during his writing time.  Win a class set of 30!

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3. 1 set of classroom behavior stamps includes purple, blue, green, yellow, red.  Remember this post about our love for the stamps we made?: STAMPS
We loved them so much we bought another 2 sets to give away!! These are so easy for the students folders to report their behaviors. We have LOVED them!! Love, love, loved them! And we want you to have them too.


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4. 1 set of classroom stamps includes purple, yellow, red


     Happy Thanksgiving from 2 Crazy Texas Teachers to you!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Welcome November

Now that our students are really grasping these concepts we've been working on for the past 45 days, below are some packets that are really great for this time of year and the level our students are at right now!  Check them out!!   *ps Christmas break is 32 school days away!!
CVC Puzzles & Recording Sheets
Gobble Gobble Good Thanksgiving Writing Packet

Thursday, September 11, 2014

freebie for your super scientist in the science lab

What a super fun day it was in Kindergarten at our school today.  We had fun in the science lab working on our concepts of our five senses and science tools.  These two work great together.  If you haven't explored the marshmallow using science tools and your five senses then you. haven't. lived. No joke! These kids are so funny and they don't even know it.  When we got to use our sense of smell to explore the marshmallow we had words used to describe it like....get ready..... banana and  crackers.  Love their excitement.  Love their truth.   Below is our recording sheet they used as they explored the marshmallow with their five senses. The students picked a descriptive word to write on the finger under that particular sense.  Have fun with it!
Click on the picture to get the worksheet.  The lab idea we got from Pinterest it is below also.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It WAS a full moon


Can't. Even. Describe. It. You must be a teacher to fully understand days before and after a full moon.
It was a rough day.
However the kids would disagree.  They would say 'today was awesome' 
They are brilliant: they can open their lockers!  That is huge!
Struggle: two step directions.
Me, " Put your chairs up on your table, and sit on your carpet squares"
my class: All chairs went up. YEA!!! BUT then.....4 went to work in my 2 person ipad station, one started writing on the table with his markers, 1 got his lunch box out of his locker (that he was able to open by himself because my students are brilliant!) and started eating the rest of his lunch and 2 gave each other a piggy back ride. 2 step directions are hard.  I get it.
Rough day for me.
Mother Nature can't touch me tomorrow.  Bye bye full moon. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Who is ready for another sale??

These girls are!! We are so happy that TpT has decided to have one more back to school sale ALL DAY TOMORROW. Whoop whoop!! Click on the pic to go to our store.

Friday, August 8, 2014

I Spy Tiny Things

We love having our work stations that are the same yet grow with the kids all year.  Meaning they learn how the station works at the beginning of the year, then as the concepts change as we teach them the stations concept changes alongside of that but the activity stay these same.  Less time teaching how the station works.  This packet is exactly that.  It is an I Spy Tiny Things station.  It has three different activities per month for reading AND math, and enough activities to run August through June! It covers a huge amount of concepts.  
The topics covered in this packet include: sight words, color words, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, numbers to 10, teen numbers, vowels, beginning sounds, subitizing, ending sounds, spelling CVC words, identifying the vowel in the word, number that comes before, number that comes after, identifying the blends, syllables, 2 more, 2 less, consonants and vowels, and tally marks!!  114 pages!!  The kids love using their magnifying glass as they work!  Check it out!!