Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tricky Teens


We did it!! We barley survived the 1st six weeks of Kindergarten!  How are you guys holding up?!  We are getting our activities for our classroom crated.... S...l..o...w...l....y...... lets face it- we have been exhausted!  But the kids are settling in nicely and things are falling right into place.  I have taken everything I have learned about how kids learn teen numbers and put it all into our "Tricky Teens" packet because teen numbers are TRICKY.  These activities really break the numbers down for them to grasp the number sense.  51 pages of SUPER FUN table activities for the kids to rotate through.  Like always- the first 24 hours it's 1/2 off.  If you have used our Fine Motor activities, these activities work in that same rotation way.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Super Secret Words Freebie

My kids love this center! They ohhhh and ahhhh when I introduce this! Gotta love the excitement of 5 year olds!

It is super easy to set up. Copy this page:
Write your sight words (or anything, really) with a white crayon. Students will color boxes with markers to reveal "Super Secret Words". They will then write revealed word on the recording sheet below. The End! Done! Easy enough??
Enjoy this freebie! Click on screenshots above for download.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Science Sorts #2

Hallelujah! Science Sorts Unit #2 is FINALLY done! We love these so much! We promised ourselves we would use our journals more this year. What we love about the sorts and readers is the students can sort and read over and over and over again---all year long!!

Unit #2 covers the following topics:
fall or summer
magnetic or non magnetic
hot or cold
melts or does not melt
sound energy
light energy
heat energy

As with Unit #1, you get color sorting pictures, student sorting pictures (2 versions) and a reader for each of the topics listed above.

As with all our new products, 1/2 off for the next day. The picture above will take you to our TpT store.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Last year our team came up with the idea of creating a collaborative board just for us. We were always re-pinning each others finds. It seemed so redundant. Now when we pin something, we all have access to it. We have boards for just about every area of our Kindergarten year. Within each board are activities, games and our favorite YouTube videos. It is such a time saver.

If you have never set up a collaborative board, then today is your lucky day! Here is how:
1. Create a board

2. Edit board and add the Pinterest user name or email address of who you want to share the board with.

3. Those friends will need to accept the request for each board next time they sign on.
4. You are done! Happy pinning! Below is a picture of what the board will look like when it is a collaborative board. You will have the picture of the people in the right hand corner.
To check out our boards, click on the Pinterest picture at the top of the post.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Things are popping!

Whew! We are so sorry we have been MIA since school started. The beginning of the year is so tough. It takes time to get back into things. We have been working on things--slowly--to share with you. This first is Kindergarten Concept Gumball Incentive.

Concepts included are primarily Kindergarten. This was created to recognize students as they achieve goals or master concepts. A gumball goes on their machine for each one. Concepts included are:
recognize my abc’s
count to 20
count to 100
count back from 20
tie my shoes
write my name neatly
make patterns
sort by shape, size, color
recognize 2D shapes
recognize 3D shapes
count by 10’s to 100
count by 5’s to 100
say days of the week
say months of the year
read the color words
read my sight words
decompose numbers to 5
Editable gumballs are included at the end so you can add your own concepts.

As usual, on sale for first 24 hours!