Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sill time left to save!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Who is ready for another sale??

These girls are!! We are so happy that TpT has decided to have one more back to school sale ALL DAY TOMORROW. Whoop whoop!! Click on the pic to go to our store.

Friday, August 8, 2014

I Spy Tiny Things

We love having our work stations that are the same yet grow with the kids all year.  Meaning they learn how the station works at the beginning of the year, then as the concepts change as we teach them the stations concept changes alongside of that but the activity stay these same.  Less time teaching how the station works.  This packet is exactly that.  It is an I Spy Tiny Things station.  It has three different activities per month for reading AND math, and enough activities to run August through June! It covers a huge amount of concepts.  
The topics covered in this packet include: sight words, color words, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, numbers to 10, teen numbers, vowels, beginning sounds, subitizing, ending sounds, spelling CVC words, identifying the vowel in the word, number that comes before, number that comes after, identifying the blends, syllables, 2 more, 2 less, consonants and vowels, and tally marks!!  114 pages!!  The kids love using their magnifying glass as they work!  Check it out!!

More Freebies

Today's freebies come from one of our most favorite bloggers, Little Miss Kindergarten. Click on any of the pictures to go to her products. Haven't checked our her blog? Where have you been??? :)  Click on her button to check out her awesome blog.
Little Miss Kindergarten
Teaching those kiddos how to use bottles of glue is such an important thing. This freebie is super fun to practice those glue skills at the beginning of the year!
This next product is a staple in my science workstation. It helps the student have good science discussions with their friends.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Freebie Favorites

After some wild and crazy days of trying to decide what to buy in the latest TpT sale, I decided I want to share some of my favorite TpT freebies. These aren't our freebies, but some by some amazing other bloggers. The picture will take you to their TpT store.

Tattling is so huge in Kindergarten. When I student comes up to tattle, I always ask them "Is it a tattle or report?" This poster will be great to hang in the classroom as a point of reference during these times.
My kids have always loved "bye bye butterfly" "toodle-oo kangaroo". This freebie gives you great color strips of 25 different goodbye sayings to display in your classroom. It would be fun to have a student pick a different one each week and rotate through the year.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Want a little math help?

Today we will spotlight some of most favorite math packets. Clicking on pics will take your to our TpT store.
This is really a lot of info and fun activities for teaching 2D and 3D shapes. Here is the original blog post. CLICK HERE

This packet for teaching that tricky teen numbers has great center activities and great rotation activities. Here's the original post. CLICK HERE

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Have you been shopping?

We have one problem with TpT sales. It is incredibly hard to pick what to buy! There are so many amazing choices out there! We want to highlight some of our favorites from our store over the next few days. Today is the 2 items we could not live without. They have really changed the learning in our classroom. Clicking on any of the pics will take you to our TpT store.

Here is the blog post where we discuss how we use it. Click here. 

The other packet is our Literacy and Calendar Journals. We have them in the store in 3 different ways: monthly, quarterly, and yearly. One of the hardest things is trying to fit everything into a day. These journals give us a small opportunity to review common tasks daily. Last year was the first full year of using these and we saw a HUGE improvement in our students progress.
We have blogged about these several times, but click on the next link to see our original post about how they work. Click Here.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Puzzles Please!

This is ready just in time for the HUGE Back to School sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. This packet is 270 pages for just $6 (that is regular price! Buy in the next two days and save 28%.) It has 68 different scenes for each of the following concepts: numbers 1-10, numbers 11-20, counting by 5's to 50, and counting by 10's. 

I started using these puzzles last year and my kids loved them! I didn't have vary many, but they didn't seem to mind playing a thanksgiving puzzle in the spring! ;-)

We recommend printing on card stock and laminating. If you have your own laminator (the film is thicker) then printing on regular paper would be fine. Cut apart and put into an envelope or bag. The pictures serve as a self checking piece for the students. Click on the first pic to go straight to our store!