Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Morning Literacy Journal & Calender Journal

  It is  CrAzY how a quick review daily on math facts and literacy skills revisited everyday can boost our children's knowledge!!!   Trust us!!  We do it and have seen dramatic results!  We had SUCH CrAzY great success with the knowledge our little ones were gaining with our calender journal that we decided we needed a morning worksheet with literacy reviews just pounding it into their heads daily.  So here it is bundled together for January.  Each month the skills slightly change to add new skills that were learned to keep the challenge going.  We will post them monthly.  Here is January's calender journal and literacy morning work.  A quick page for math time and a quick page for bell work to review all the things they need to know.  Morning bell work..... check it off your lesson plan because we just did it for you.  Calender Journal... check it off your lesson plan!  How CrAzY cool is that?!!!  The first 24 hours it is on sale!
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