Thursday, October 3, 2013

Things are popping!

Whew! We are so sorry we have been MIA since school started. The beginning of the year is so tough. It takes time to get back into things. We have been working on things--slowly--to share with you. This first is Kindergarten Concept Gumball Incentive.

Concepts included are primarily Kindergarten. This was created to recognize students as they achieve goals or master concepts. A gumball goes on their machine for each one. Concepts included are:
recognize my abc’s
count to 20
count to 100
count back from 20
tie my shoes
write my name neatly
make patterns
sort by shape, size, color
recognize 2D shapes
recognize 3D shapes
count by 10’s to 100
count by 5’s to 100
say days of the week
say months of the year
read the color words
read my sight words
decompose numbers to 5
Editable gumballs are included at the end so you can add your own concepts.

As usual, on sale for first 24 hours!

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