Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Racing to Read Freebie

This is a fun activity that helps the student practices automaticity of some of our basic concepts. Here is how it works:

1.Give each student a copy and assign a partner.
2.Create a set time and partner #1 will read each item, in order, as fast as possible in the given time.
3.Partner #2 will check and help when needed.
4.When time is up partner #1 will color the box of the last item read.
5.Repeat with partner #2 and their worksheet.

6.Can be completed as often as you like. Goal is to get all students to read entire page as fast as possible. Times depend on you and your class.

Pages included are upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers to 20, numbers to 100, sight words, CVC words.

Picture above will take you to the TPT store where this item is free!

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