Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Must Have

I know this is old news, but I couldn't help but blog about GoNoodle! I jumped on the bandwagon back in the winter and fell in love. I've always taken brain breaks and showed various educational YouTube videos. This website does that and a whole lot more. What I love is that they are constantly adding more videos. Your adventure starts out with naming your class and picking a Champ. Champ is what I would call a mascot. Now, on to the fun stuff. Here are some of my favorites:

 Airtime is what I use prior to writing time. It is a bubble that floats across the United States. You can input your zip code so it starts where you live. The bubble floats, along with soothing music, and lands 1:30 later in another destination. It plots it on the map and tells you 3 random facts about that location. We don't study geography, outside of Texas, in our classes, but there is nothing wrong with a short introduction to different cities and states.

Kids can get in some exercise with the Olympic type events or even Zumba. These are nice because the kids are expected to do certain things or movements. With the sports events you have control over whether they win or lose based on their participation.

Who doesn't love some current videos? They are so into Frozen and Happy right now. Ok, so I'm the one that loves Happy!
Koo Koo Kanga Roo is a group I wasn't familiar with until GoNoodle but the kids love them! Silly but fun!

 Now these are some examples of really silly videos that makes us all giggle. They are so random that we love them! Ice Cream and Guacamole is a favorite!

There are lots more videos! Many we have always used in our classroom-any educational and many that are not. Once you finish your level, your Champ gets an upgrade and he gets bigger, grows muscles, adds arms/legs. The kids all scream when the Champ changes. After 5 levels you get to pick a new Champ.

If you haven't tried it yet, get there--quickly! You won't regret it!! The first image above will take you to their website!

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