Saturday, June 21, 2014

Literacy & Calendar Journals Updated

Have you purchased our Literacy and Calendar Journals? If so, you will want to go and download the updated versions. We have them listed by month, by season and just added all 10 months in one bundle.

We updated almost all of the Calendar Journals. Many states are no longer required to teach patterns in Kindergarten. We added an additional Calendar Journal for each month that has patterns to reflect this new standard. Now you have the choice to review/teach patterns or not.

Standards have changed since we created these journals so most months have different math concepts than what you previously downloaded.

Most of the Literacy Journals are the same. The only changes we made were to clip art. All concepts are the same.

We were finally able to bundle the entire year set thanks to TpT increasing the file size limit. So, if you haven't bought them yet then now is the time. Any of the images above will take you to our store.

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