Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Classroom Signs

As I've been exploring Pinterest this summer I have been giving lots of thoughts to the beginning of the year. Summer time is always a time for reflection and dreaming. What can I do different? What will make learning meaningful for the students? One night I came across some classroom signs. It got me to thinking about making a class book out of these signs. My thought was to introduce one every day or few then add them to a folder or notebook. We can refer back to them throughout the year and say them aloud when the mood strikes. So I decided to share these with you. Feel free to comment with any others you love.

And I will end with one of my favorites. I created this last year on the computer and mounted each page inside a Dollar Tree frame. They hung outside my classroom. I love it so much!! (BTW: The first page says Kindergarten. This can be used if you want to mount all pages on a poster-laminate-and hang.) There are 4 pages to this document. Click on the picture to download your copy for FREE.

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kheila dunkerly said...

Love these signs! Thanks! Excited to follow you...there are two of us at our blog too!
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