Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Character & Setting

We are Two Crazy Texas Teachers trying to be the best teacher we have inside of us.  And in order to be the best we have to keep learning and growing.  We are dissecting our report card and have created this great character and setting packet for the entire year.  It is over 36 books, one for each week of the school year and a blank one in case you have a favorite book I didn't include.  We think this is great and is geared for more of the 1st grade level.  I will be posting the Kindergarten Character & Settings packet soon so stay close to our blog as not to miss our 24 hour sale.  It will be a little more tailored toward Kinder skills. But you could always use this packet in Kinder if you like it better.  I think this is a great packet and a great way to keep character and setting reviewed each week on a different book.  Enjoy! Remember as always it's 1/2 off the first 24 hours.

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