Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some Texas Love

Did we mention we are 2 CrAzY girls from Texas? Our study of Texas coincides with Open House. It is a perfect unit to showcase to the families. We have so much fun with it! A while back we posted about our Texas Math & Literacy Centers. We found the perfect packet to go with our centers. It was created by the wonderful Little Miss Kindergarten. She hits on all the important points from our curriculum. We had a hard time picking our favs to show you but here goes.

The first is her landforms pages. They really go well with our Friday Freebie, All Around Texas landforms reader. We are using these pages after Spring Break during our writing time.
The kids always love when we get out the tub of dice. What is it about dice that makes the kids giddy? Anyways, there are several different Roll It And Write It Cowboy pages. These combines math and literacy together at one time. They loved it!
We used this reader last week to give us additional practice with the Texas Symbols. I am always amazed by what the kids remember and can recite back to you.
 We save the best for last: Armadilly Chili !!This was the highlight of the week. It was super easy to make. We just threw the chili in the crock pot and let it simmer all day. It was a blast trying to convince the kids that it was Armadilly Chili, which is made with beetles, jalapeƱo peppers and prickly pear cactus. It also focuses of being a good friend to others. Love this book!

 So, if you are a CrAzY teacher from Texas we hope you will check out Little Miss Kindergarten's TpT store and get her packet of 193 pages!!! If you aren't from Texas then you should still check out her store because she has some amazing things.

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