Thursday, March 21, 2013

Calling All Teacher CHICKS!

Do you guys do chick eggs in your classroom in the spring?  If you haven't- you MUST!  It's so super fun! Not to mention that your kids will think you are the coolest, CrAzIeSt most awesome teacher in the whole universe.   We borrowed incubators in the past and this year loaded up a Donors Choose project for both of us to have our very own, shiny, won't cook your eggs incubators and guess what?!  They just came in!!  We are so CrAzY excited we can't see straight- really. If you ever do eggs with your class you will understand why!!

Meet Mrs. Chick--- she is one of the 5 that we had in Kindergarten last year that now lives with us!  Isn't she purdy?!
All this Chick talk reminds us that our Farm Unit it right around the corner so check out the Farm Fresh activities your kids will be mooooooing over.  I don't want to hear a PEEP CHICKS!
Also DON'T FORGET that our giveaway is ending in 1 day!  If you haven't entered - you won't want to miss it- 11 giveaways!!! Check it out here

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