Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It WAS a full moon


Can't. Even. Describe. It. You must be a teacher to fully understand days before and after a full moon.
It was a rough day.
However the kids would disagree.  They would say 'today was awesome' 
They are brilliant: they can open their lockers!  That is huge!
Struggle: two step directions.
Me, " Put your chairs up on your table, and sit on your carpet squares"
my class: All chairs went up. YEA!!! BUT then.....4 went to work in my 2 person ipad station, one started writing on the table with his markers, 1 got his lunch box out of his locker (that he was able to open by himself because my students are brilliant!) and started eating the rest of his lunch and 2 gave each other a piggy back ride. 2 step directions are hard.  I get it.
Rough day for me.
Mother Nature can't touch me tomorrow.  Bye bye full moon. 

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