Thursday, September 11, 2014

freebie for your super scientist in the science lab

What a super fun day it was in Kindergarten at our school today.  We had fun in the science lab working on our concepts of our five senses and science tools.  These two work great together.  If you haven't explored the marshmallow using science tools and your five senses then you. haven't. lived. No joke! These kids are so funny and they don't even know it.  When we got to use our sense of smell to explore the marshmallow we had words used to describe it like....get ready..... banana and  crackers.  Love their excitement.  Love their truth.   Below is our recording sheet they used as they explored the marshmallow with their five senses. The students picked a descriptive word to write on the finger under that particular sense.  Have fun with it!
Click on the picture to get the worksheet.  The lab idea we got from Pinterest it is below also.

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