Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shopping this Summer

One of my frustrations this summer was the lack of "teacher" stuff in the Target Dollar Spot. There are 2 things I really, really, really wanted to get for my classroom this summer. One was plastic book bins. The other was plastic baskets to put inside my student desks.

I bought a lot of books from a retired teacher and needed more book bins to put them in. I used some larger tubs last year but the kids just piled them in and they looked horrible. I have to admit, I am a bargain shopper and sometimes that makes the process a little crazy. I will drive to 5 million stores just to save money. I know that I probably wasted the amount saved on gas but shhhh! :)

As for the baskets for the desks. I know that the majority of you prefer tables but I am really a desk lover. I have done it both ways. I found that the students having their own space outweighs the craziness of the desks moving. I know these babies need to talk and interact with each other and that is why the desks are grouped together just as they were when the kids sat at tables. I have 4-5 students in each group.

My big frustration last year was my kids didn't like to return the supplies inside their bag or box. They would just throw them inside the desk. Not only would it be messy but it would take them forever to find something. These new nifty baskets will hold all their "small stuff". This will be their bag/box, name tag, sight word rings, space bar and anything else that won't stack nicely on the other side.

I really wanted to find the best deal because, ideally, I needed at least 20 book bins and 20 baskets. That is quite an investment but I think it is worth it. I was super excited to read about a company called Steps to Literacy. They have some really great prices. Not only did I find what I wanted but their prices were unbeatable. They have a free shipping code so it made the deal even sweeter!

Here are my goodies that arrived today:

 So, please stop by Steps to Literacy and check them out. Click on any of the above pictures to be directed to their site.  (BTW, this is not a sponsored post, just a post by someone who loves their products.)


4myboys said...

These are exactly what I've been looking for! I love the colors, but I only see primary colors listed on the website. How were you able to order the lighter colors? Thank you!

2 Crazy Texas Teachers said...

Try this link:

4myboys said...

Found it! Thank you for the link!