Monday, March 26, 2012

CrAzY for Sight Words

We are CrAzY for sight words in Kindergarten. This post is about our class' top 8 things to do with sight words:
"The CrAzY 8"

1.   Sight Word Rings-.  Each time we introduce a new word I give them a card. The color of the card matches our word wall card.  The kids go CrAzY when I pass out the new word because they know we are about to play the game.  Here is how it works:  I pick a card and give them clues to my card. My clues get harder as the year goes on. For the picture above, at the beginning of the year, I would say "My word is on blue, has 4 letters and begins with an h." I would give them a little time to find the word then ask "What is my word?" For the same word, but later in the year, I would say "My word is on blue, it has 2 vowels and 2 consonants." I change it up every time we play.  They kids keep the rings in their desk and play with a friend during down times. They love to quiz their friends!

2.   CrAzY Sight Word Chants-  This idea came from Growing Kinders.  It is fun activities to do with each word.  Some things we do is spell the word in Opera voice, or spell while flying like a bird, or spelling while disco dancing. There are so many ideas it takes us a couple of weeks to get through them all!  Here is the link directly to her post.  Sight Word Chants at Growing Kinders. This post has lots of great ideas but scroll down quite a bit for the Chants. It is CrAzY easy to get this started in your class because Growing Kinders has it ready to print. All you have to do is print, glue/tape to tongue depressors and go CrAzY! The only thing I did differently than the post is I drew a star at one end of each stick so I could keep track of which ones we have done.

3.  Sight Word Song Of The Week- Each week when we introduce a new sight word we learn the Heidi Song that teaches that song.  We also do a word wall hunt with those same songs and they have to find the word on the word wall, point to it with a pointer (Mardel has CrAzY fun jumbo finger pointers that would be SO fun for this!) and then pass the pointer to a friend for the next song.

4.  Hangman- Talk about CrAzY competitive at 5 & 6 years old!!  These little people LOVE to beat their teacher, and they do it SO well!  Hangman with our sight words is huge hit!

5.  Flashlight Friday-  lights go out, flashlight goes on, and we shine it on a word on the word wall.  The kids read the word (either whole group or called upon)  Then the 2nd round we go faster whole group.  And if you are in a CrAzY mood by Friday you can play round 3 SPEED CHALLENGE- fast as your little light can go from word to word.  

6.  Power Point Shout Out-  A slideshow we created in powerpoint that plays 1 word per slide, when it shows up on the screen the kids shout it out.  Each slide is the same color as the word on our word wall.

7.  Memory-  Pocket Chart and sight words on either index cards or typed up.  The cards are turned around backwards and the students play memory matching sight words.

8.  BANG- All the sight words are printed up on cards (several copies of each word) and several BANG cards are printed up also.  All the cards go into a bucket, basket, hat- whatever your liking.... and the kids  get to pull one card out and read the sight word.  BUT if they pull a card with the word BANG they all shout BANG.  


If you have great sight word games you want to share then link up with Lesson Plan Diva. She is having a linky party!


Mrs. Tolbert said...

These are awesome ideas! I am possibly moving to kindergarten next year from 4th grade ( I will know for sure at the end of April) and I am looking for any and all K ideas. Thanks for these. =)I am your newest follower too!
Daisy Days for Learning

Mrs. M said...

Love the name of your blog!! Just had to check it out when I saw it. =) Great sight word activities!
I'm now following you.

Ms. Jessica said...

These are such fun ideas! I do the flashlight game with my class also,using a little poem I found:
Flashlight, flashlight, oh so bright,
Shine on a word with all your might!

They just love it! Also, have you ever tried spelling for hangman? They have a free game that you can add your own words to called hangmouse! The kids just love it!

Michelle Rist said...

Love your blog! I am your newest follower!

Kelly Young said...

Cute ideas! I tried to Pin from Pinterest but it could not retrieve pin so I came here to Pin it!

Mrs. Coe said...

I am pinning this too!

Allie said...

Do you put the card on the rings or are the kids able to undo the clasp and put it on themselves??