Sunday, April 7, 2013


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As I sit here browsing Pinterest on a Saturday night (exciting, huh?) I decided to share some of my favs that I just pinned.  Here we go!

Here is my thought on this one. We are studying the chick life cycle and currently have eggs in our incubator. Last week we made nests out of paper bags and we added easter eggs to them. The kids have had fun taking care of their eggs and writing about them all week. So my thought was when our chicks hatch (fingers crossed) then we will change out the egg for a chick in the nest! Aren't these super cute???

Her graphics are so stinky cute! This is one of her latest freebies!

We very rarely use glue bottles. We are a glue stick kinda class. This might convince me to use real glue more often!

Love this! What is it about cups that the kids love?? It is also an inexpensive center!

Free borders! 'nuff said.

I started using this a couple of months ago and we all LOVE it! I worried at first that it would be another thing that I would forget to use consistently. This is not the case! I use it consistently a couple of times a day and as a bribe at other times, as needed. It is super easy, and free, to start and maintain. Below is the reward chart I use. They earn a new reward with every 5 points. Best thing is all rewards are free!

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