Saturday, November 24, 2012

Roll and Cover boards---for an entire year!

We love centers that you can teach the kids one time and then rotate in and out throughout the year. Our kids are CrAzY for these Roll and Cover boards. We have used them for years but as Roll and Color. This year we decided to try and cut down on the amount of paper we use and turned the Roll and Color into Roll and Cover. This way they can be included in a center and reused over and over again.

Included are 69 boards using 1 dice and 69 boards using 2 dice.
We used a variety of clip art that can be used during all holidays, events and even generic ones that can be used any time during the year.

Here is how this works: We recommend you print on card stock and laminate for durability. Students may use any variety of counters. We prefer to use small round discs. Students will roll the dice (or 2) and count the dots. Counter will be placed over number. Keep playing until all numbers are covered. They can also be copied and student can color the circles when the number is rolled if you prefer Roll and Color.

Students can easily determine how many dice are needed based on the dice picture on the upper right hand corner. Click on one of the pics below to go straight to our stores.

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