Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CrAzY fun puzzles!

We are glad to be back to creating and blogging. We have missed it a lot! Our latest product is CVC puzzles. The idea came when we were sitting at a training last week. We decided to take 2 different fun ideas and put them together into one activity. There are 12 pictures that you will cut apart on the lines. Mix them all up into one bag. The students will unscramble the pieces and record, either by writing or using letters tiles, onto the recording sheets. 12 of the puzzles have letter support at the bottom of the pieces. The other 12 puzzles do not have that support. We modeled the recording sheets after sound boxes that our district likes us to you. It allows the students to see how many sounds are in the word.

We hope you enjoy this latest product. It is available on TN and TpT. Thanks for sticking with us while we get our-CrAzY-selves together!

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