Thursday, June 7, 2012

CrAzY for Assessment? We are!

Do you dread assessments? Do you stock up on chocolate just to get through it? If so, you need to check this out!
This is one of our most favorite things! If you made a list of our "Have To Have" CrAzY things, this would be on it! This is an online assessment that will make your life easier. What kid doesn't love to play on the computer or even iPad? Ours love it!  Here is how it works: there are lots of pre-loaded tests all ready for you to start. You can also customize any test you need. We test sight words, shapes, numbers, letters, letter sounds, blends, CVC words, coins, time, patterns, and LOTS more that we can't remember.

You are probably thinking, "So, what?". Well, the items come up on the screen and the kids tell you the answer and you click yes or no.  Here is the best part: it puts all results together and compiles spreadsheets, graphs, and our favorite part, parent letters. It will even generate flash cards for any items the kids miss.

Another CrAzY thing we love is it keeps track of everything. So, let's say Bobby knows all his letters except for B,D,Q, So next time you want to test Bobby it will just show him B,D,Q.

Here is the downside: it is not free. It does cost money each year. We asked our PTA for help and they said yes!!!!  Stop! Don't leave yet!! We suggest you click on the link above and just try it out. They offer a very generous 60 day free trial.  If you love it half as much as we did then you will do whatever it takes to fund this!

The best benefit is all the time it saves us! Who doesn't need more time??  We sure do! This cuts of the time assessing and analyzing those results by a huge amount.  Go CrAzY and check it out!  (Enter Promo code 1007 and we get credit for the referral!) You can thank us later!


Miss Trayers said...

It does look very helpful. I may have to bake some muffins for our principal tomorrow before I ask! Thank you so much for sharing the info! :)


Lisa R. said...

I have heard of this before & after reading more about it on your blog, I definitely want to check into it. Thanks for sharing!

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