Thursday, April 24, 2014

We are getting CrAzY fun ideas right now

I am not sure why we are so stir CrAzY right now but we have had so many fun ideas for our classroom.  We started these with our kids this year and they have been a hit!  The students get one of each of the punch cards all hooked together on a binder ring:
They are motivated to work hard so they can earn punches on their cards for all different things: working quietly, listening the first time, keeping their area clean and neat, nice handwriting, working hard, learning their sight words... and then they earn a punch on their cards with these bad boys: Hobby Lobby has them in hearts, stars, flowers, butterflies.... the kids love them!

  So much fun!! We included a blank card that is editable for any specific ones you want to create.  The sight words card is editable too.  We make one for each six weeks and punch next to the word once the child can read that word.  Check them out!  You are going to want to end the year with these!!!

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