Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale

It is time for another CrAzY awesome TpT sale. You can get 28% off everything in our store on Monday & Tuesday! Below are some of the items we will be using in these last 3 (yes we said 3) weeks before Winter Break.
 We wrote to Santa last week asking for our own Scout Elf. We sure hope he sends us one this week! If so, we will be ready with some great literacy and math activities!
 Who doesn't love Gingerbread?!? Even though we are ready for Winter Break, we sure do wish there was more time to study all our Gingerbread!
These Literacy and Calendar Journals are in our top 2 things we have ever created. We always struggled with the beginning of the day. Different meaningful activities means lots of explanations every morning. Coloring sheets means no value! We created the Calendar Journals WAYYY before Literacy Journals. The Literacy Journals solved our meaningful morning activities problem. If you love these, make sure to look for the Bundles. It will save you even more money!
 Gingerbread or Polar Express? Hard to decide which we like better! Gingerbread are so much fun, but we love the sweet story of Polar Express.
 Winter study starts just barely before Winter Break. Our winter unit truly starts after the holidays in January.
This is our #1 selling item and our #1 item we have ever created. This has 5 activities (1 for each day of the week) for 18 different word families. We did these same activities before, but now the activities are kept to one 1/2 page book which saves on paper! We love saving paper!

We hope you will consider shopping with us during this wonderful sale. Now is time for us to weed through our wish list and decide what we will be buying! Happy Shopping!!

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