Monday, September 2, 2013

Science Notebooks

Do you use Science notebooks or journals in your classroom? This is one place in my classroom that I want to improve upon. Copying that worksheet takes less time than trying to figure out how to incorporate the worksheet content into the notebook. I am trying really, really hard to use less paper in my classroom. 

This summer I worked with my friend, Little Miss Kindergarten, and we brainstormed on how to use our science notebooks better. She is the Queen of Science so I really valued what she had to say. We texted, had working lunches, texted, texted and texted! Whew! What a huge project this turned out to be. 

Her packet will have notebook prompts and experiments for what is covered in our 1st 6 weeks. To say she covered prompts and experiments is a HUGE understatement. Her packet is a.m.a.z.i.n.g! You really could print our packet and her packet and be done-done-DONE! This was really our goal since Science gets pushed aside in a lot of classrooms. (I'll post the link to her packet when it is uploaded.)

Our packet includes sorts and readers for all the topics our district covers in the 1st 6 weeks. These topics are: science tools, senses, big or small, heavy or light, and summer or winter. For each of these topics you get:
*color pictures for whole group sorting
*small black/white pictures to be glued into notebooks
*medium black/white pictures that can be sorted repeatedly in notebooks. Our plan is to glue a small white envelope onto a notebook page and the pictures can be stored in it.
*student reader. We have glued small manilla envelopes onto the back cover of our notebooks to hold the readers so they students can read periodically when time allows.
As with all our new products, it is on sale for the next day (or two)! Click on top picture for link.


kindertexas said...

I just checked and it is not on sale any longer. I thought it was on sale til September 4?

2 Crazy Texas Teachers said...

We are so sorry you weren't able to nab it while it was on sale. We always put our new products on sale for a day and sometimes 2. It's been on sale for 4 days since we uploaded to TpT and over 48 hours since we blogged about it. We love that you love it and suggest becoming a follower on TpT so you find out asap when new things are added!

You can always add to your wish list and pick it up on the next sale.

Thanks so much for following our blog!

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