Tuesday, May 7, 2013

End Of Year Certificates & Mother's Day is Here!

Preparing for Kindergarten Graduation?  1st Grade Awards? Second grade awards?  Look at what we are doing this year! Our standard awards "Pete The Cat" without Pete's name of course! But also super fun classroom awards.  In high school I got "Funniest Laugh.  Let me tell you what  I would have given my other CrAzY teacher "Most Likely To Use "Please" sarcastically at any given moment"Award and she said she would have give me "Most Sarcastic".  I personally prefer quick witted, funny, hysterical, will have you bent over till your side hurts and think you're having an appendicitis funny ... but we will let her have it.  We have 2 more teamies that we LOVE and we would give one of them "Most Likely To Get The ADHD kids" award and the other "Most Likely To You-Tube for Info". So check out these SUPER precious standard awards and fun awards for your classroom. You can thank us later when the parents think you are the CrAzY Coolest teacher EVER!

Also- Mothers Day Is SUNDAY!  We have added a SUPER cute cookbook that you fill out with the kids that turns out hysterical and precious.  So check out the Mother's Day packet!!  And if you have already purchased the Mother's Day packet you can re-download and get the updates with the cookbook for free.

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