Thursday, February 21, 2013

Addition & Subtraction

Everything you need to teach addition and subtraction is in this 84 page packet!  This can be such a hard concept to build on if you don't lay the foundation right.  Included in this unit are worksheets, posters, games, counting mats with manipulative, dot cards when teaching the basics of adding, addition problem cards and subtraction problem cards with manipulative,  interactive hands on readers for when you introduce addition and one for when you introduce subtraction.  Everything you need so go ahead and consider yourself planned in math with CrAzY awesome material that the kids will love!!  Don't forget, we also have our Buggy Math games (addition and subtraction) that the kids LOVE that you can add to this unit and the Roll and Cover packet are awesome reinforcement activities that go hand in hand with this unit.  Addition & Subtraction planning- DONE! First 24 hours it's on sale!!

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