Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bucket Fillers

We love bucket fillers! The kids love to be bucket fillers! Have you read the book? If not, it is a must! It is one of the best ways to teach the kids how to be good to others! At our school, bucket fillers has always been a Counselor-led lesson and rewards were give by her. This year we decided to make it a classroom based lesson and rewards. Below are some examples of how it can look in your classroom. The first picture is like what we are using. We found super cute jewelry pockets that are the perfect size for a small dixie cup in each pocket- 1 for each student. They will receive a pom-pom each time they are a bucket filler. 

Our next $1 product has 2 parts. The first part is what you need to create a cute bucket filler area in your room. There is a small sign, large sign, Bucket Filler Promise, student labels for your pockets and writing pages. The second part has us CrAzY excited. You have probably seen the Classroom Coupons. Students earn the right to take off their shoes, wear a hat, move their desk, and lots of other CrAzY fun things! We decided to turn the Classroom Coupons into our Bucket Filler Rewards. Here is how it works: print the Classroom Coupons and laminate. When students reach your classroom goal for Bucket Filling they pick a Classroom Coupon. They can redeem the coupon whenever you like. The parent letter lets them know their child has been a Bucket Filler and also what may/may not be required from home depending on what coupon their child selected.

Grab your $1 Bucket Filler packet and the Classroom Coupons packet that has 9 different coupons and a parent letter. Remember, its only $1 for 24 hours. Your kids will love it!
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Mrs. Lindsey said...

So cute! LOVE bucket fillers!

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