Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crazy Sale Time

MMMMMM... can't ya'll just smell that fresh farm air?!  We are strappin' on our spurs and getting ready to mount this horse ya'll--- we are teaching our CrAzY Fun Farm Unit starting Monday!  YEE-HAW!! And to get reved up we have put both of our Farm Units on sale!!  1/2 off!!  Math and Literacy units + grab yourself our farm sight word cards to use for a memory game or the BANG game we blogged about below and you have your whole Farm unit covered.  The grass is greener over here in this pasture, ain't it?!  Your little farmers are going to have so much fun with all the activities inside. 


Mrs. Dwyer said...

Tag, you're it! Head over to my blog to check out why!


TammySF. said...

Hello Ladies!! You've been tagged!! Go to my blog to check it out:)

Busy Bees said...

Just found your blog and became your newest follower. Your blog caught my eye because my son is going to be working in El Paso starting mid July. We live in Ohio, so lots of Texas trips in the near future. BTW your farm stuff looks great!

Mrs. Dwyer said...

Hey ladies, you've won an award! What can I say? I just love your blog and ideas! Stop by and see what it is!


The Hands-On Teacher said...

You CRAZY girls have been TAGGED! :)
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