Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Birthday

I love birthdays!  Growing up my mom made the biggest deal about birthdays, actually she still does.  Birthday are so fun no matter what age you are!  Pinterest has some super cute birthday ides for the classroom:
Balloon Pixie Sticks
Classroom birthday treats
classroom birthday treats
silly straw balloons

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!  So to go with these super fun ideas, here is our birthday packet.  Have FUN with it.  It's CrAzY cute!  Comment back and share your ideas how you celebrate with your students on their birthday!  Don't forget the sweet babies with summer birthdays who never get to celebrate at school on their actual birthday- what do you do to celebrate for them?  We can't wait to hear all your CrAzY cute ideas! Remember it's $1 for the first 24 hours!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CrAzY Days of Summer & $1 Deal

Hey y'all!! We are super sorry we haven't blogged in a while. First of all, it is CrAzY hot here in Texas. Second, we have been CrAzY busy! Family, fun, Pinterest...all the normal things!

So, we are back with our latest $1 deal. We love these writing packets! The kids think they are CrAzY fun. I do want to clarify that we don't use these packets every day for writing. We allow the kids to write about whatever they want a lot. We like to use these packets at random times to spice up the writing some.

Remember the rules: the packet is $1 for 24 hours! That is it!! Pick it up now before the price goes up!

Also, we just reached 200 followers! Yippee!! We are CrAzY excited and are working on another giveaway. Details soon!

Thanks for checking us out!